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Late Final Pay -- 30-Days' Pay Penalty

Oregon law requires that all earned wages must be paid within certain time limits, following termination of employment.

Employees who are discharged (fired) from employment, must be paid by the end of next business day following termination.  Employees who quit with at least 48-hours' notice (excluding weekends and holidays), must generally be paid at the time of quitting.  Employees who quit without 48-hours' notice, must be paid within 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) or the next regular payday, whichever occurs first.

Employees who terminate employment, may request that their final paycheck be mailed to any address that they designate (or paid via direct deposit to their bank account). 

If the employee is regularly required to submit time records so that the employer may determine the amount of wages owed to the employee -- the employer must pay all estimated wages within 5 days of the employee quitting, and all wages are due within 5 days of when the final time records are submitted by the employee.

Employers who fail to pay all wages due, within the time limit required by law, are subject to a penalty for late final wage payment, in the amount of a full days' pay for each day that any wages remain unpaid, up to a maximum of 30-days' pay.